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Donate digitally to end rough sleeping 

Download to donate directly, gift spare 
items & help break the chain of homelessness in your community.

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We’re bringing technology to the physical world to reimagine how we can collectively tackle homelessness. 

How it works
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Here's how it works

Make a donation

We convert it safely

Spent in stores securely 

We receive user referrals from charities, then give users a recycled phone our app and a unique ID number. 

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Let’s do this together

We work with food banks, shelters and charities to identify rough sleepers.
We provide a low-cost device they can use to access support and services through our app and a pink wristband with an ID number etched into it. 

Our donor app lets you donate directly to a specific rough sleeper. Just pop in their ID number, leave a nice message and hit pay!

We’ll securely convert your cash into digital coins, that they can spend freely across our partner stores. The only limit we place are on items 18+.
From the moment a new user joins us, we fight their corner with our trained housing lawyers, whilst connecting them with our partners for mental health, employment and health support.

Each rough sleeper has a unique ID number. Use our app to donate directly them.

Our platform connects users to key support and services, including  food banks, accommodation, employment

We convert each donation it a digital coin. £1 = 100 coins

Shoutout to our supporters

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London, United Kingdom

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