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Helping communities manage their volunteer efforts to support those in isolation

How it works

1. Submit request

Isolated and vulnerable users can submit a request for help and support. We even have a direct call button for those that aren't tech savvy.

2. Volunteer accepts

Your requests are sent out to nearby vetted volunteers in your area that can accept and process, whilst following proper health and safety guidelines. 


3. Get notified

Once your request has been picked up, you can see who your volunteer will be and are able to call and message them via the app.

Allowing your area lead to manage centrally

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Each area has access to its own management platform where they can keep data secure and add new volunteers.


Support our work

We're entirely volunteer ran. Your support will help us cover development and server costs to keep the platform running. Please donate below.


Volunteer in your city

To volunteer, please fill out this form.

To set up Help at Home in your neighbourhood please email


Thanks for submitting!

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